Everyone loves being associated with automobiles, whether it's a multimillion dollar Duesenberg or a nostalgic hot rod. Sponsors have found that advertising on the VINTAGE VEHICLE SHOW results in increased exposure to the community, increased public awareness of products, services and increased sales. There is no show in the Northwest that has a bigger influence on the buying habits of car lovers than the VINTAGE VEHICLE SHOW. The show is currently broadcast into 1.6 million homes in Washington and 12 million homes on 100 additional stations across the US. You will be surprised at how reasonable the advertising rate is and how easy it is for Vintage Vehicle Productions, Inc. to produce a commercial showcasing your products or services to these potential customers. These rates only apply to the WA viewing market. Contact us at for additional information.


Your product, logo or service information can be prominantly placed for observation by the viewers. This service applies to the episodes provided to all stations, US and Foreign, that carry the show. Is that your company's logo on the wall or your product on the shelf behind Lance? The placement opporunities are unlimited.


Your product or service can be featured on the show each week for as little as $50 (WA only) with the actual commercial production cost being as low as a one time fee of $250! For an additional fee the VINTAGE VEHICLE  SHOW will film a segment featuring your product or service that will then be broadcast nationwide.


Your car show can be filmed and featured on the VINTAGE VEHICLE SHOW for a very reasonable production fee. Also available are the reproduction rights to the completed episode that you can then sell to participants in your car show. Past users of this service have found that the resale of the episode covers the production cost and also provides a profit to the car show promotor or orginization.


Lance is frequently hired to emcee car shows and events. Thirty years of on-stage and television experience assures that he will be instrumental in making your event successful. For a surprisingly reasonable fee  Lance will bring excitement, humor and organization to your show.


The success of any auction is based on the ability of the auctioneer to convince the buying audience that they can afford to spend just a bit more on the item up for auction. Lance has been auctioneering for many years and has the ability to bring excitement, humor and high bidding to your event.

-"Lance has broken the record every year resulting in our auctions being even more successful than we'd dreamed of."
Glenna Thomas, Seattle Executive Association

-"We never realized that our auction could raise so much money. Lance's ability to create excitement and fun was the reason we tripled what we expected to earn."
Sharie Ennis, Clothes For Kids

-"$1,900 each for a couple of chocolate cakes! We've never come anywhere near that in the past."
Stephanie Ellis-Smith, Executive Director, Central District Forum


Lance is frequently asked to give advise in the production of car shows and automotive related events. Past clients include Pacific International Raceway, Top Hat Entertainment, City of Issaquah, Greenwood Car Show, City of Newcastle, KLHU TV 45, Northwest Video Festival, Edmonds Arts Festival, Shoreline Arts Festival, Astor Events Center, Red Horse Inn, Triple X Drive-In, Clothes For Kids, Bench Press Publishing, Journal Newspapers, Lynnwood Rotary, Harold E. LeMay Museum and many additional clients interested in making their event or facility successful.